38 Labs Joins NVIDIA Inception

New York April 17, 2024 – 38 Labs has officially joined NVIDIA Inception, a program dedicated to partnering with companies that are revolutionizing industries through technological advancements.

38 Labs is a global technology company specializing in enabling successful digital transformation initiatives for Forbes Global 2000 and other enterprises. Focused on leveraging technology to support digital transformation across enterprises, the company’s flagship product, Xplorer, stands as a revolutionary knowledge discovery platform, harnessing AI-driven insights to accelerate productivity.

With the integration into NVIDIA Inception, 38 Labs gains access to powerful NVIDIA GPUs, poised to substantially enhance the performance and efficiency of its AI-based solutions. This partnership facilitates the seamless integration of optimized and accelerated microservices into real-time AI applications for customers, thanks to NVIDIA’s Unified Compute Framework.

Additionally, 38 Labs demonstrates its commitment to continuous learning and excellence through its partnership with NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute. By offering the latest AI and machine learning techniques, this collaboration ensures that 38 Labs’ customers remain at the forefront of technological innovation. The program also presents 38 Labs with opportunities to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organizations.

Yasir Khan, CEO at 38 Labs, emphasized the significance of embracing the NVIDIA Inception program: “This partnership represents a pivotal move for 38 Labs, opening doors to cutting-edge technology and invaluable expertise poised to propel our development forward. Our objective is clear: to elevate our product offerings, refine the efficiency and accuracy of our AI models, and expand our solutions to reach a wider market segment.”

About 38 Labs – 38 Labs is a global tech leader specializing in digital transformation for Forbes Global 2000. With top-tier partnerships like Microsoft and Google, we innovate in AI, ML, analytics, and cybersecurity. The 38 Labs team is focusing on quickly scaling up, aiming to redefine the industry with AI-driven solutions. The companys’ methodology blends business expertise with tech excellence to deliver scalable AI solutions.

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