We reimagine how enterprises operate and help them make data and AI their competitive advantage

That's Why

We are the fastest-growing consultancy in this space


Started with ambition and a dream to bring AI to enterprises

Started in 2019 as Zetta Consulting based in Ireland, it was taken over by 38 Labs in 2023. Over the years, 38 Labs has grown into a global team of extrordinary data and AI consultants having unrivalled experience transforming regulated enterprises to become data-driven organisations.

We believe the key to transforming your business is through innovation powered by AI. This provides a huge opportunity for enterprises to add value to their businesses and excel beyond competition.


Why 38 Labs?

Focussing on Outcome Based Consulting

We adopt an outcome-driven methodology, empowering our clients to unleash the potential of their data, driving business-defining results through AI. Our unmatched expertise ensures swift delivery of substantial business value for our clients, setting new benchmarks in record time.

Startup Agility for Enterprise Scale

Our engineering-led innovative approach blends the best of both worlds, enabling you to scale your operations while maintaining the agility needed to adapt and thrive in today's dynamic market landscape.

Enterprise Transformation Experts

Renowned for success in large enterprise transformations, we've catalyzed revenue growth and cost savings. Trusted by leading global companies in Pharma, Healthcare and Utilities, we define and execute Data & AI strategies that drive profound business impact.

Nurturing Talent & Thought Leaders

Our customer-centric, pioneering methodology ensures we attract and retain top-tier talent, leading the market in end-to-end transformation.

Award Winning Consulting Framework

Drawing from unparalleled expertise in empowering large, regulated enterprises with data and AI as their competitive edge, we developed, an innovative consulting framework designed to expedite and mitigate risks in achieving customer outcomes swiftly.

Bridging the Enterprise Skills Gap

In response to the pervasive Data & AI skills gap within our enterprise clientele, we not only provide cutting-edge systems and operational frameworks, but also empower your teams to take ownership, iterate, and proficiently manage these transformative capabilities for sustained success.


Meet the Team

We are intelligence in action.

Our highly skilled team, consisting of Data Consultants, Data Scientists, AI Engineers, Software Developers, Designers and Project Managers, excels at unraveling complex business challenges, ultimately enhancing business efficiency and elevating customer satisfaction.

Dr. Yasir Khan

Founder & CEO

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